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Раскройте скобки (Past Simple)

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    Ответ дан lucianamaria
    was, lived, had, called, told, was, needed, decided, put, went, was, saw, asked, answered, heard, ran, got, ate, went, came, knocked, answered, went, saw, looked, had, saw, was, was, ate, came, saw, knew, cut, jumped, were, had
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    Ответ дан Аккаунт удален
    Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived with her mother in a little house on the edge of the forest. The girl had a red coat with a hood, so they called her Little Red Riding Hood.One day Mother told told Little Red Riding Hood that her Granny was ill and she needed some medicine. The girl decided to go to her Granny. Mother put some food and some medicine in her basket and Little Red Riding Hood went on her way.When she was in the middle of the forest, she saw a wolf walking down the path. The wolf asked the girl, Where are you going? Little Red Riding Hood answered, I am going to Granny with some medicine. Granny lives on the other side of the forest.When the wolf heard this, he ran very quickly to Granny's house. He got in the house without knocking on the door and quickly ate poor Granny in one big gulp. Then he went to sleep in Granny's bed.When Little Red Riding Hood came to Granny's house, she knocked on the door, but no one answered. She went in and saw her Granny who looked very strange. She had big eyes, big ears and a very big mouth with long, sharp teeth. Suddenly she saw it was not Granny but the big, bad wolf from the forest. It was too late. The wolf ate her in one big gulp.Luckily a hunter came to Granny's house after a few minutes. When he saw the wolf with a big belly he knew what to do. He cut the wolf's belly open and out jumped Granny and Little Red Riding Hood. They were all very happy and had some tea and biscuits. 
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