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перевидите срочно дам 25 баллов a) They ____________________ (watch) TV last night. b) Priscila ____________________ (talk) to her friends all day. c) I ___________________ (have) a terrible headache yesterday. d) Bob _____________________ (come) home from school late. e) They ____________________ (arrive) late and ___________________ (miss) the bus. f) She ____________________ (study) hard and ___________________(pass) the exam. g) He ____________________ (call) the office to tell them he was sick. h) I ___________________ (speak) to the director as he was leaving the room. i) Dr. Johnson ______________________ (get up) early this morning. j) Mary _____________________ (do) her homework and ________________ (go) to school. k) Chris ____________________ (find) a ten-dollar bill. l) The dog ______________________ (follow) us down the road. m) Those students _____________________ (work) hard last semester. n) Lúcio ___________________ (stop) at the corner and __________________ (call) us. o) I ___________________ (try) to talk to Helen last night. p) I ___________________ (pay) the phone bill yesterday. q) My dad ____________________ (catch) a cold when he ________________ (be) in Canada. r) She _____________________ (leave) home early yesterday. s) They ____________________ (know) each other very well when they ________________ (be) kids. t) The teacher _____________________ (bring) the exams corrected. u) She was cleaning the vase when she ____________________ (drop) it. v) We ___________________ (jog) in the park yesterday. w) The fire ____________________ (occur) while we ___________________ (be) out. x) I __________________ (meet) some nice people at the party last weekend. y) Carol _____________________ (sleep) until late on the weekend. Then, she _______________ (go) out to lunch. z) We ______________________ (fly) to the USA on a great airplane.

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