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Может у кого то есть желание предложений так 6-8 написать)))ТОЛЬКО 1 вариант!!! Даю 45 баллов

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    Hello Tom !Hope you doing fineYesterday I finally arrived and settled in a hotel, it all isn't so good, the room is cold and damp and a view from the window is terrible, I expected better. So I quickly unpacked my bags and decided to go beach. Hoping to relax at least there and enjoy the white sand. But turned out that the beach is not sandy it's rocky! It's gonna be the worst vacation in my life ever so I guess I'll leave earlier then it's finished.(name)Bye
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    Hi Tom! At last I'm on my holiday that I was looking forward for a long time. I must tell you it appeared to be not what I had expected. The hotel room is cold and damp. The view from the window is terrible and it annoys me greatly. I've thought that we could enjoy on a beach. Unfortunately the beach is not sandy it is rocky.Next time I'll try to learn better if I go to have a rest. There's left a pair of days. I hope to see you soon. See you,Jane.
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