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как нужно делать помогите пж!)

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    Mr and Mrs Long have five boys and four girls. Their names are Tom, Jack, Timmy, Andy, Sam, Sue, Polly, Cely and Kathie. Tom is twenty. He is a student. He is in Paris now. Polly is a student too. She is nineteen. She is in Rome. Tom and Polly are good students. Jack and Kathie are pupils. They and their dad are in London.Timmy, Andy, Sam, Sue and Bess are not students. They are not pupils. They are little. Sam and Sue are four. They are twins. Bess is three. They are not in London. They are on the farm. Their mum is on the farm too. On the farm they have cows, horses and pigs. They have no cocks, hens or chicks. Little Bess has a goose. It is her pet. It is not a small bird. It is a big white bird. Bess likes her pet. 
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