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Складіть, будь-ласка, невеликий твір ( 4-6 речень ) про улюблену пору року.

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    Summer is my favorite season. June, July and August are summer months. In summer the weather is fine. The sun shines brightly in the blue sky. It is hot. The trees are green. The flowers in the streets, parks and gardens are white, yellow, blue and red. The days in summer are long and nights are short. In summer people usually wear summer suits and dresses.

    All the children like summer very much because in June, July and August they have their summer holidays. They go to camps. In hot days we swim in the river or sea and lie in the sun. Summer is a nice season.
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    There are four seasons in a year: spring, summer, autumn and winter.My favourite season is spring and I"m sure a lot of people share this opinion with me. Spring is the season of hope, happiness and love. It is the season when nature awakens from her winter sleep: the ice is broken, the grass is beginning to shoot, the trees are bursting into leaf. Spring comes in March and ends in May. It begins with the unique spring smell — the smell of fresh air, future rains and greenery, the smell of hope and joy of life. It often rains in spring especially in April. People say: «April showers bring May flowers». Birds comeback from the warm lands and twitter in the trees. I don"t know anyone who wouldn"t like spring.
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