Опубликовано 3 года назад по предмету Английский язык от clikhgferpfdalgvf

Помогите перевести на английский

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    Ответ дан Sontr
    1. The letter have just received. 2. The letter will be received by 5 o'clock.3. I have already answered my brother's letter when you accepted. 4. This letter gas been answered before you came. 5. On the last time in our city many beautiful buildings have been built.6. The letter hasn't been sent yet, but don't worry, it will come to Petersburg on time. 7. I read in the newspaper yesterday that this book had already been translated into English. 8. When I entered the room, everything had already been prepared for dinner.9. I think that by that time all the stores will be closed.10. The work will be finished by 6 o'clock. 11. When I came to take the exam, all the students of our group had already been proscribed. 12. Had this theater been built before you moved to our city? Yes.
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