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Заполните каждое предложение одним из слов или фраз: characters, find, whenever, broadsheets, article, events, managed, approve, celebrated, wisdom. 1. ... have many detailed articles about national and international events. 2. It wasn’t easy but the football team ... to win the mach. 3. The Times or The Daily Telegraph generally give information about ... happening in London. 4. I have read the book. I ... it very interesting and exciting. 5. Soap opera is a programme where one and the same ... appear in everyday life situations. 6. Have you read the ... about the reforms in Higher Education. It’s worth reading. 7. ... I phone him he’s always out. 8. I always ... of people who have their own opinion and able to defend it. 9. The ... of the ancients could help our generation if we have learned from it. 10. What other holidays can be ... in the same way?

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