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составте рассказ по анлийскому языку на тему "Театр и Кино"

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    Theater is one of the best means of art and entertainment, which brings cultural enrichment. It uses live performers on stage to express different plays. From the times of its appearance theater has changed a lot. There were especially many transformations in modern times. The only genres seen in the theater of ancient times were tragedy and comedy, whereas nowadays there are lots of contemporary genres and styles. Even the types of theaters vary from classical to musical lines. People have always liked visiting theaters for relaxing, entertaining and just having a good time. Our country has lots of theaters to offer to its citizens. Everyone can find something suitable for their tastes. People who like dramas go to drama theatres, those who like musical plays can visit opera theaters, so there is always a choice where to go. The theater can be divided into two parts: one is the stage where actors perform their roles, the other is the hall where spectators sit. The hall and the stage are separated by a curtain and orchestra. Besides, every theater has a cloak-room and a restaurant. Theatres may vary a lot in sizes. Some can host only 50 people, and some are meant for thousands of spectators. For example, the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow can host about 2150 people. The other huge and world-famous theaters are Metropolitan Opera and Broadway Theater in New York, Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Theater La Scala in Italy, Covent Garden in London and several others.
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