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Переведите текст,пожалуйста In 1944 in the United States, International Business Machines (IBM) built a machine in cooperation with scientists working at Harvard University under the direction of Prof. Aiken. The machine, called Mark I Automatic Sequence-Controlled Calculator, was built to perform calculations for the Manhattan Project, which led to the development of atomic bomb. It was the largest electromechanical calculator ever built. It used over 3000 electrically actuated switches to control its operations. Although its operations were not controlled electronically, Aiken's machine is often classified as a computer because its instructions, which were entered by means of a punched paper tape, could be altered. The computer could create ballistic tables used by naval artillery. The relay computer had its problems. Since relays are electromechanical devices, the switching contacts operate by means of electromagnets and springs. They are slow, very noisy and consume a lot of power.

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    В 1944 году в Соединенных Штатах международные бизнес-машины(IBM) построила машину в сотрудничестве с ученымиработая в Гарвардском университете под руководством профессора Айкена.Машина, называемая Mark I Automatic Sequence-ControlledКалькулятор, был построен для выполнения расчетов дляМанхэттенский проект, который привел кбомбить. Это был самый большой электромеханический калькулятор, когда-либо построенный.Он использовал более 3000 переключателей с электрическим приводом для управления егооперации. Хотя его операции не контролировались электронным способом,Машина Айкена часто классифицируется как компьютерпотому что его инструкции, введенные с помощьюперфорированная бумажная лента, может быть изменена. Компьютер может создаватьбаллистических таблиц, используемых военно-морской артиллерией.У релейного компьютера возникли проблемы. Поскольку реле являются электромеханическимиустройства, переключающие контакты работают с помощью средствэлектромагнитов и пружин. Они медленные, очень шумные ипотребляют много энергии.
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College reconstruction (1) our life goes on and nothing can stay the same for a long time without being changed to satisfy modern needs. the college plans to modernize its current site in a multimillion pound investment to upgrade its buildings and create a new campus. the college has secured support and funding for the project and is now looking for a suitable developer to take the project forward. although no formal plans have been filed at this stage, the college administration aims to reconstruct the existing location with new buildings in one area and sell the remaining land for further development. the total amount of spending for the whole project will be about £40 million. (2) we are aware of people’s worries concerning the redevelopment of the site, but we cannot continue in the present buildings in the long term. they have become tired and unworkable and are now proving very costly to maintain – that is money that should be spent directly on teaching and learning. the buildings do not meet our needs for the 21st century and our students’ requirements. frankly speaking they are outdated. (3) the quality of the teaching and learning at the college will always be the most important thing. that’s why we intend to create a brand new college campus. we want our students to have the opportunity to learn in modern, up-to-date facilities. this investment is timed to make sure that our future students will also have top-class facilities. (4) during the creation of our new campus, we aim to ensure that the reconstruction takes place away from any buildings that will still be in use. an appraisal of all the existing buildings will be carried out to make sure that they are capable of providing a suitable learning environment until the new buildings are complete. if necessary, some money will be available to ensure that these buildings remain fit-for-purpose until the new buildings are ready. (5) we are determined to work closely with our local neighbors on this project. though there will be a formal public consultation process as part of the planning procedures, we will also be inviting our immediate local residents to more informal meetings where we can pay our full attention to their views and opinions. our consultants are beginning to work on putting together plans that will give us an idea of what the new campus will look like. we will consult closely with local people as the project progresses. our intention is to create a college that benefits everyone. задание 9. cоставьте 10 вопросов различного типа к любым предложениям из текста.

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