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Помогите пожалуйста с анг 4. Do you know anything about your classmates' parents' jobs? 1) answer bill's or Molly's questions from ex. 1.1) 2)GROUP WORK walk round the class to find out your classmates' parents' jobs. Make a report about their jobs __'s dad is a __ He works in/at __ He likes his job because __ __'s mum is __ She works in/at __ She likes her job, because __

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    1. Did you wash your hands before dinner?2. Did you watch the film yesterday?3. Did you dress your sister's hat yesterday?4. Did you skate last Monday?5. Did you ski last winter?6. Did you skip yesterday afternoon?7. Did you play football on Friday?8. Did you want to see your friend yesterday?9. Did you clean your teeth in the morning?
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    1 In's. you2 in3 at you4 Is's a5 at6 What's
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