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You are on holiday in England. Collect information using the Internet, then write an e-mail to a friend (50-60 words). In your e-mail write: 1)where you are 2)how you like it 3)what you have been doing 4)what presents & souvenirs you have bought 5)when you are coming back

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    Hi Helen,Thanks for your letters. I'm in England with my family! I think, it is the best holiday ever! Yesterday, we had a ride on The London Eye. It was so exciting! We tried some local food and I really liked it! Today we are visiting the Tower of London. I hope, all my excursions here  will be cool memories. I promise, that I'll buy you some souvenirs. I haven't bought them so far. Have to go now, see you in a week.How about your holiday? Are you having a good time? Are you enjoying the holidays by yourself or with someone?Write back soon.Happy holiday!Yegor
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